From the very beginning of my Masonic life, and during the subsequent years of study of the sublime symbolism and history of Freemasonry, the greatest of the sciences, I have often lamented the fact that a concise, readable, yet comprehensive history of our order was not available, or, at least. I had not seen one that measured up to my conception of the foregoing requirements. Most readers desire a history shorn of abstruse expressions, high-sounding phrases, or extravagant and fanciful statements. The writer has known the author of this history for years, and has been intimately associated with him in Masonic work. Brother Thornburgh's name is a household word among the Craft in Arkansas, because of the invaluable work he has accomplished as editor of the Trowel for twenty-seven years, and as Grand Commander. Grand High Priest. Grand Master, and Grand Patron.


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Freemasonry- When, Where, How - G Thornburgh 1914