In placing tefore the Masonic Brotherhood this work on the Symbolism of Freemasonry, its Religious Nature and its Law of Perfection, I have great pleasure in thinking that nothing contained in it is exclusively applicable to any one jurisdiction, to any particular race of men, or to any particular part of the world. It is one of the chief excellences of Freemasonry that it is adapted to all the world, and accordingly it extends over all the world wherever civilisation extends. Its principles are everywhere the same. It everywhere exhibits the same religious nature; although admitting into the Order men of different religions, and insisting on nothing more as absolutely indispensable than a belief in God and a future state, yet always requiring consistency, and demanding earnestness in religion. Its Law of Perfection, which it is one of the objects of the present work to explain, is fundamental and unchangeable, essential to the system as one of the laws contained in the Ancient Landmarks, the paramount authority of which is equally acknowledged in all jurisdictions. The same symbols are also everywhere employed.


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Freemasonry Its Symbolism, Religious Nature & Law of Perfection - C Paton 1873