There is a vein of superstition in every human being, and some of the world's greatest geniuses, statesmen, scientists and warriors have not been ashamed to seek information from prophets and seers, when the tangle of life seemed too difficult for them to unravel thru their own efforts. The pages of history as well as the Holy Bible are full of instances where the power of divination was invoked to settle important decisions. It is easy to understand, therefore, why men of all ages have had a restless striving to search out the Unknown and the Unknowable, and to endeavor to foretell the future and its mysterious dispensations. In all ages, men have endeavored in various ways to penetrate the mysteries of the future. They have consulted the stars, the oracles, deities of their own manufacture, cards of various devices, etc., in an effort to solve the problems about them.


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Fortunes and Dreams - A Cielo 1917