There is a Latin saying that '* Fortune frustrates, single-handed, the plans of learned men." There are moments in the lives of each of us when we do not seem to be masters of our actions, but are led by blind chance into paths which bring success or failure in spite of our own individual efforts. We stand in awe before a power which seems inimical to us, or rejoice over a series of coincidences that boost us into fame and fortune. It is easy to understand, therefore, why men of all ages have had a restless striving to search out the Unknown and the Unknowable, and to en-deavor to foretell the future and its mysterious dispensations. In all ages, men have endeavored in various ways to penetrate the mysteries of the future. They have consulted the stars, the oracles, deities of their own manufacture, cards of various devices, etc., in an effort to solve the problems about them.


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Fortunes and Dreams