To the Witches, both living and dead, of the lineage that brought the Old Craft to me and whose work has served as a foundation for my own: thank you for your teachings and your wisdom. If I stand tall, it is because I am standing on your shoulders. And to all the other initiates, dedicants, students, and practitioners of the varied lines of our shared tradition, as well as to the many Witches of other traditions, solitaries, and seekers, who have shared their experiences and their magic with me over the years ... To everyone who has participated in a ritual Ied or attended a workshop I offered ... Thank you for your presence and for your feedback. I am a better warlock because of it. You have encouraged me tostay the course and to keep sharing the magic with others, and it is because of you that I continue to do what I do. Without you none of this would be possible. IO EVOHE! Blessed be. Author Storm Faerywolf is a professional author, experienced teacher, visionary poet, and practicing warlock. He is an initiate of the Faery Tradition and has been practicing the magical arts since he was just a boy. He holds the Black Wand of a Faery Master and has been teaching both privately and publicly for more than twenty years. He is the founder of Blue Rose, a lineage of the Faery Tradition, and is one of the founding teachers of Black Rose, a school and style of practical folkloric Witchcraft.


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Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft - Storm Faerywolf