The book treats systematically and quite exhaustively of all the principal food products, dealing in turn with their manufacture, properties and composition, forms of adulteration and dietetic value, and including much information of a generall nature concerning them. Beginning with the animal foods, it thus covers meats and the various meat preparations, fish, milk and its products and oleo margarine. Then follow the vegetable foods, cereals, vegetables proper, condiments, fruits, sugar, syrup, confectionery, honey, and finally infants' and invalids' foods. * * * Though destined for a wide variety of readers, the book is apparently designed first of all for the benefit of the public, at a time when the public wants, particularly to know about its food; and written as it is from a strictly scientific standpoint, yet in a popular way, by one who from long experience knows so thoroughly his subject, it will be widely read to advantage.


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Foods and Their Adulteration Wiley 690 pgs