In Clonmany, a district extending from Malin to Lough Suille, is a river in which salmon and trout are never found, though these fish abound in the neighbouring streams. To prove this, some individuals managed to capture several from a river alongside, and placed them in the one mentioned, but they immediately died. The reason given is that Columkille, the patron saint of Donegal, being on his travels in the district, and wearied and hungry, came upon some boys who had a fire kindled on the banks of the stream, in which they were roasting some trout caught from it. The saint asked for some to satisfy his hunger, but the boys refused to share the repast. Saint Columkille then pronounced a malediction, and told them that never again would a trout or salmon be found in the stream. Others tell that the saint had with him a goat which supplied him with milk during his wanderings, that the boys were out fishing, and coming on the animal, which was browsing on the rocks at some distance from where Columkille lay sleeping, they killed it, and making a fire cooked it, eating all but the hoofs and horns. The saint was so enraged on awakening and finding out what had happened, that he cursed the stream and the place.


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