The Musquakies, as they call themselves, Outagamies or Foxes as they are known to the whites and to the other Indian tribes within and without the great Algonquin family to which they belong, say that they are descended from a woman whom they call He-nau-ee (Mother). This He-nau-ee came down from the Upper World in a storm, the like of which has not been before or since, the sky and the sea struck each other, and rocks were ground into sand. When He-nau-ee fell into the water on her back the storm ceased, an island, "green [or blue—one word serves for the two colours] and fertile, with berries ready ripened for her use, and trees with acorns to make her bread, and sweet white roots easy to dig," rose up under her. On it, she told her children, she lived for eighty days. On the eightieth day she gave birth to two sons, who grew to manhood in a few hours, received some instruction from their mother, built a boat, and at sundown paddled over to the mainland, leaving her behind, because "she, the pleasant of speech and beautiful of face, looked from her eyes so terribly that they, the unfearing, sweated with fear."


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Folk-Lore of the Musquakie Indians of North America - M A Qwen 1904