Leaving aside all unreal dreams, consider this world as insincere disbelief. Lo this day salvation has come. My 'I and Self' has agreed in belief. I would ask of thee thy suppressed self. Is it not the new thing desired? No man shall follow me. I am not thy preservation. Thou art the way. Assuredly, thy virtue is to be equally different. Thy complaint is the calamity: The hypocrite is always at prayer. Dost thou suffer? Thou shalt again suffer, till thine I does not fear its body. Rather seek and increase by thy temptations, it is but the way to intelligence. Transgression is wiser than prayer: Make this thy obsession. Thank only thyself and be silent. The coward's way is religion. There is no fear-but righteousness. Let this be thy one excuse, I pleasured myself. Brave laughter-not faith. Rewarded are the courageous for they shall pass! Thine I is envious of satisfaction. Yet none devotes himself to reality. Whoever learneth much, unlearneth all sentimental and small desires. This is the new atavism I would teach: Demand of God equality-usurp! The mighty are righteous for their morals are arbitrary. Live beyond thought in courageous originality. These hopes and fears are somnism, there is little reality. Repent not, but strive to sin in thine own way, light-heartedly: without self reproach. One becomes the thing itself or its creature. Judge without mercy, all this weakness is thy self-abuse. Experience is by contract.


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Focus of Life - Austin Osman Spare