Popular belief and medical teaching lead to the conclusion that abstinence from food for ten or twelve days will result in starvation and death. This is easily refuted. On my lists are considerably over one thousand instances of continuous fasts whose limits extend from ten to seventy- five days. While I esteem and consider but one cause and but one disease, the symptoms expressed in this long roll cover virtually the whole of medical pathology; and in twelve years only eleven patients have died while under my care. Each of these deaths has proved an occasion for persecution, malignment, prosecution, and injury; and from each and every case both I and the method have emerged triumphant, the autopsy showing organic disease, and that death was inevitable. No one knows better than the thinking members of the medical profession that the time is at hand when prevention rather than cure will be the key-note of therapeutics.


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Fasting for the Cure of Disease - Dr. Linda Hazzard