Faiths of the World is an extensive dictionary on world religions. Excerpt- "I have looked over a part of "The Faiths of the World." I have no hesitation in saying that, if the remaining parts are equal in merit, it will supply what lias hitherto been a desideratum in the popular literature of the day. The description of tlie heresie-s which have arisen in the Christian church during tlie last 1800 years will lie most beneficial to the interests of true Christianity at the present time, as it will show that the opinions which appear at intervals now on religious subjects, and which seem to those who have not studied Ecclesiastical History to be novel, are not really so, but that they have arisen before, and were satisfactorily refuted at the time of their first appearance. Again, the definitions and explanations of words, which occur in the religious controversies of the present time, will be most useful, as the readers of this work will be enabled to arrive at a correct conclusion with respect to their true meaning in the earliest and purest ages of Christianity, without the trouble of turning into large and expensive works".


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Faiths of the World and What They Believe 8 Volumes