Just as the Primal Essence of the Powers of Balance had given rise to the Faerie Races on the Prime Plane, so too did it give rise to various and sundry species throughout the Outer Planes. These denizens, of infinite variety and scope, formed physical vessels for their existence of the Elemental materials and native energies of their respective Outer Planes, whether they were of Order, Thought, Time, Energy or Entropy. Spirits, Archons, Angels, Titans, Phoenixes, Fiends, and myriad other life forms grew forth from the stuff that made up the very Outer Planes, each animated by the merest shard of the spirit of the ghost of the shell of the Powers of Balance. By their nature, were these beings to cross into the Elemental or Prime Planes, they would form bodies of the appropriate Essences, and were these bodies to be slain on those Planes, the Primal Core of the being would return unto the Outer Plane of origin, there to reform another vessel from the Essences of that Plane; were they slain on their own Outer Plane, however, their energies would be dispersed for all eternity.


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