Intercourse between spirits and men by one mode or another, has been known and practised in some degree by all the nations of the earth, from the earliest antiquity down to the present day. But passing over the anterior mystic ages with their diverse modes, we reach the eventful year 1848 which is the date of the beginning of "spirit-rapping," and all its successive steps of modern spirit phenomena. At this period Mesmerism and Clairvoyance, as well as Spirit-Rapping, with their mysterious phenomena, were creating a wonderful excitement in the country, and Mr. A. J. Davis and the Fox girls were modern wonders. Spirit-mediums were being developed everywhere. Naturally I felt interested in these manifestations ; and as opportunity offered I sought information, but had never met with a private circle until the year 1852, at which date I resided in Baltimore. I took no part except to observe. The other four persons seated themselves around a table, with the palms of their hands on top. Presently the table responded to questions by tipping one side, and by a soft gentle rapping on the table. Then the table turned upside down, while the hands only lightly touched it; then moved to one side of the room, rose over a sofa with the legs against the wall, and clearly described the motions of writing on the wall with one leg of the table. Now the table was placed in proper position again, and the young Miss commenced writing very rapidly with pencil on paper. Several messages were written, and among them one for me, purporting to be inspired by a friend who died while I was in California. I had been told that he "crossed over" from Terre Haute, Indiana. The writing was in a large, bold, strong hand entirely different from a long message in a small feminine hand, previously written in a message to the medium's family. My friend's name was properly written ; but he said he had left earth-life at Zanesville. Here was a discrepancy with a fact as written in my memory. None of those present could possibly have known of the friendly relations between the spirit now communicating and myself; and had the message said he " left " at Terre Haute, I should have had some confidence in the identity of my friend's spirit.


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