In my personal practice as a psychic and as a teacher, I have been fine-tuning my other psychic abilities of clairaudience, telepathy, and remote viewing, and I’ve discovered how to help my students incorporate these abilities into their clairvoyant practice as well. In You Are Psychic I introduced concepts and clairvoyant techniques that can increase your ability to manifest your goals and help you to let go of that which is no longer serving you. Now, in Extraordinary Psychic, I offer guidance into why these concepts don’t always work for everyone, or why they don’t always work quickly enough and what you can do about this (besides being patient, which is the hardest thing of all and the last thing you want to hear!). In You Are Psychic I introduced basic energy healing and touched upon the spirit world. Here, in this book, I go into much greater detail about the beings you are most likely to encounter when removing “the veil” and how to communicate with some while eradicating others. In this book I also offer advice about how to protect yourself as a psychic and as a healer, and how to create and enforce boundaries.


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Extraordinary Psychic - Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities - Debra Lynne Katz