Science is human experience tested and set in order. It involves not alone the experience of the individual, but so far as may be, the accumu- lated or recorded experience of the race, of which the experience of the individual furnishes the basis of understanding. To enter the category of science, the data on which generalized results are based must be fully tested in order to eliminate personal equations whatever their form or origin. In the investigation of the varied phenomena embraced under the term of "Psychical Research," as in any other department of knowledge, the Scientific Method is the sole instrument on which we can depend. To every apparent fact we must apply the tests of science: observation, ex-periment, logic, and instruments of precision. That the phenomena in this field are peculiarly baffling affords no ground for discouragement. By the methods of precision they are reducible to scientific order, and we may be sure that in this field as in any other we can safely follow wherever Truth shall lead. Genuine knowledge can never run counter to sound principles in human life.


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Experiments in Psychical Research - J E Coover