The Top Ten Love Spells

1. Phoenix Spell. Feel the power of the mighty phoenix strengthen you
to be reborn into unconditional love.
2. Breaking the Chains. Break the chains that bind you to an unhealthy
3. The Dance of Three. Dance in the wind with the Air Elementals to
send your message of love.
4. Tarot Love Spell. The ten of cups will show your love the way to your
5. Enhancement Spell. Enhance and empower your five senses to
make you irresistible!
6. Past, Present, and Future. Heal the past and present for a glorious
future for you and your love.
7. Beltane Fertility Spell. Let this holiday's history romance and excite
8. Amour Sauce. Feel like a warm delight? Add some basil to spice up
your night.
9. Spiced Wine. Love Potion Number 9 has nothing on this!
10. Tantric Lovemaking Spell. Allow your love to climax like never


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