Alas! The endless strife of Love's sweet law with cold Convention's rules; The loving souls unloved; the perfect mate, After long years of yearning, found -- too late I "The treason of false friends; the frown of fools; The fear that baffles bliss in beauty's arms; The weariness of absence; and the dread Of lover, or of love, untimely dead, -- Musing on these, and all the direful harms hapless human hearts are doomed to prove, I think the pity of this life is love I" So do I. But even a greater pity exists where, fired by the most ardent hopes, one or both find out that not a real tie of soul binds the twain together. Then comes the unveiling; and, my God, what an awful, horrible spectre stands frowning where each expected to behold and hold-- she an Adonis, he a perfect Hebe! When the mistake is made such parties marvel and wonder how on earth it can be so; and why the actual marriage produces effects so utterly foreign to their expectations and hopes. Paschal Beverly Randolph (October 8, 1825 – July 29, 1875) was a mixed race medical doctor, occultist, spiritualist, trance medium, and writer. He is notable as perhaps the first person to introduce the principles of erotic alchemy to North America, and, according to A. E. Waite, establishing the earliest known Rosicrucian order in the United States.


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Eulis! The History of Love - P Beverley Randolph