Salem witchcraft can scarcely be mentioned without a pitying smile at what we think the absurd folly of our ancestors ; and yet there was a truth in Salem witchcraft, and of fearful import to the pious and devil-hating Puritans. But with a susceptible subject, every wonder of Salem witch- craft can be actually reproduced ; and what is better, under- stood by any one who admits Professor Grimes's system of the Phreno organs. Phrenologists familiar with the facts of Mesmerism will be likely to have their faith in the old Phreno systems weakened when they find that their phenomena can be explained by his system, and by no other. I think that every attentive reader must rise from the perusal of this book feeling, that, even if Professor Grimes has not explored all the minutiae of his subject, he has at least done for the Philosophy of Mesmerism what Columbus did for America ; he has shown where the land lies. All the known phenomena of the universe may- be referred to three general principles, viz. : matter, motion, and consciousness. Every thing that we know is a modification of one or all of these three.


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Etherology and Phreno-Philosophy - J Grimes