Essential oils are also used extensively in the perfume, cosmetics, and toiletries industries. These days, especially, customers demand natural purity, and as a result many advertisers are keen to stress the fact that their products include essential oils. This aspect of their use is extremely old, and beauties from the earliest times employed the considerable benefits of plant essences to enhance their chances in love. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, even went so far as to soak the sails of her royal barge in rose essence so that the aroma would drift on the wind and announce her imminent arrival to Anthony, waiting farther down the River Nile to greet her. Royal women have always appreciated the benefits of essential oils and been in the position to ensure their supply of them. Cleopatra kept vast gardens expressly for that purpose. In the sixteenth century, Elizabeth I, Queen of England, used copious amounts of lavender oil, as did Queen Victoria in the nineteenth century the former no doubt to keep bugs of all descriptions at bay, while the latter needed all the help she could get to see her through her record-breaking sixty-four year reign. Both appreciated the fact that lavender grows well in the Norfolk fields. Today, British royals extol the virtues of natural medicines, with various members using them regularly.


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Essential Aromatherapy A Pocket Guide to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy