Have you ever played a "lucky" hunch? Ever had a dream come true? Received a call or letter from someone you "just happened" to think of? Felt that "I've been here before" sensation known as Deja vu? Sensed what was "about to happen" even an instant before it occurred? Known what someone was about to say - or perhaps even spoken the exact words along with him? Then You May Be Using Your Sixth Sense Your Esp Without Even Realizing It! Recent research indicates that almost everyone possesses latent ESP powers. Moreover, those powers within you can be developed and improved. Telepathy, for example, is a talent nearly everyone has to a certain degree. And telepathic ability can be improved with training and practice! New frontiers are being opened in the understanding of ESP as man continues to explore the vast universe of the mind. Here is a challenging new look at the phenomenal field of parapsychology that not only gives you a better understanding of this mysterious and wonderful power of mind over time and matter, but also shows you how to test your own ESP ability.


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ESP - Extra-Sensory Perception Your Sixth Sense - Brad Steiger