From an astrological standpoint there is only one hypothesis by means of which we may expect to answer these questions. Every human being is a ‘Divine Fragment’, a centre within the Universal Divine Consciousness, inseparably united with every other centre, and ultimately all blended in one by the Universal Life and Consciousness in which they are centred… The small blank circle is the ‘Self’ and all that exists apart from the ‘self’ or ‘That’ in the circle of the horoscope is the ‘Not Self’… the ‘Self’ is eternally pure, immortal and divine. In essence it is one with God, and until this essence has identified itself with a form in which first self-consciousness, and afterwards super-consciousness is reached it does not know itself as part and yet ‘one’ with its source. Alan Leo's intention, as outlined in the first issue of Modern Astrology, was to establish a more spiritual and psychological form of astrology, concentrating on the delineation of character rather than prediction. It is this approach that has led to him being called the father of modern astrology.


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Esoteric Astrology - A Leo 1913