In the beginning, there was only darkness and light. They bore a child who became our Mother. With her first breath she created the universe, and with her second, her children. She, in her infinite wisdom, made us of her, uniquely crafted so we could summon the spirits of the world she created for our use. Hekate knew that, without challenges to temper our talents, we would quickly become restless, so she created the others so that we might learn from them. Their love and hate taught us the lessons necessary so we could transcend our weaknesses. They were the humans, and we were her witches. Mother knows best, although we often fail to see this. She created me and my sister, and all the witches, including you, are our descendants. She taught us medicine to heal ourselves and others. This medicine did not merely ease our suffering, but offered us entrance into her mysteries. She desired us to understand pain so that we could experience joy. We acquired power through weakness and hope through despair. Our companions were her Pharmakoi Kyrios, the plant masters, whom we wove into our charms and spells. They protected us from the harms of the humans who feared us. We were, and remain, one with her plants.


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