Since 1969 an increasing number of students have turned their attention to this attractive yet, at first glance, overwhelmingly complex system. Their diligence is rewarded with something very rare indeed—amagical system that really works!This takes many arm-chair magicians entirely off guard. A legitimate encounter with an Elemental Spirit or an Angel of an Æthyr invariably leaves a more lasting impression on the magician than the phantoms of self-deluded wishful thinking that mark the "successful working" of the dilettante. Today Enochiana commands a respectable amount of space on the shelves of your local occult or New-Age bookstore. Much of the original Dee material (still existent) has been reprinted and made available to an ever-growing body of readers. The students of the early 1970s have become the researchers and prolific authors of today.


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Enochian World of Aleister Crowley Enochian Sex Magick