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The enochian system is primarily angelic in character. There are no entities in the system who actually meet the traditional definitions of elementals or demons. All the elemental forces are invoked and used through the intervention of conscious, intelligent entities who are themselves of a multiplex nature. These entities can provide elementals for the magician, but the elementals can not be directly invoked. The closest one can come to directly invoking an elemental in this system is in the invocation of the so-called "cacodemons" (Dee's appellation) or "minimal sapient entities" (my appellation). I use this name for them because they are the least complicated beings in the system that are capable of responding to their environment and maintaining an independent existence. They are composed of two forces of opposite polarity, bound together by one additional letter from the Tablet of Union. Thus they have one force for each of the three necessary aspects, sulphur, salt, and mercury.


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