There is much more to the Enochian magick than a mere collection of elemental energies. Rather, each tablet is an expression of the whole of existence, parallel to the cabalistic Tree of Life and equal to it in power and descriptive ability. With the practical and symbolic tools provided here, the competent magician will be able to unlock the higher aspects of the magick for himself. Before using the Temple technique, the magician should be thoroughly conversant with the basic attributions of the Hebrew letters and numbers as described in the Golden Dawn documents and Crowley's 777 Revised. Equally useful is a familiarity with the "restored" Tree of Life first presented by Charles Stansfield Jones, aka Frater Achad. A sketch of his Tree is provided in figure # at the end of this book. Achad's Tree forms the basis for all existing explanations of the Temple's symbolism. The author believes that the Temple can be used effectively by persons using other symbol-systems, but at this point it is up to the users of other systems to discover how they can be connected with the Temple. ***Booklist in pictures


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