I’ve coined the term “tarot interactions” or "Tarot Intuition "to talk about different ways in which we can relate to, and use, tarot cards. Tarot isn’t static; it interacts with its environment in a wide variety of ways. I started by thinking of various ways that cards relate to one another, and the way that various combinations of cards create unique wholes. You may think that there are 78 possible interpretations in a (78-card) deck, or perhaps 156, counting reversals. But when you consider that each two-card combination creates a unique and individual meaning, the number approaches 25,000, and when you also consider that every one of those 25,000 meanings changes based on its position in a reading, and a reading might have ten or more cards, we’re already at the quarter-million mark, and we haven’t even scratched the surface! Cards interact with each other, with position, with the reader, and with the querent (the person receiving the reading). They interact with the context of the reading. You interact with the cards, with the querent, and with yourself as a reader. Understanding tarot interactions fundamentally changes your approach to tarot.


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