Fairies, demons, Djinn, devas, dybbuks, dakinis, Nymphs, mermaids, ghosts, nagas, orishas, lwa, mystères, Elves, dragons: that’s just a few of the many kinds of spirit beings. Considering how many people vociferously refute their very existence, the extent to which spirits permeate modern human culture is astounding. You don’t have to believe in spirits to be surrounded by them. In fact, it’s pretty hard to avoid them. Let me repeat: spirits permeate human culture. References are so all pervasive that it can be easy to overlook their original meanings. SPIRITS PERMEATE OUR LANGUAGE Do you want to flatter a woman? Call her a goddess. If a woman is beautiful, small, and lithe, she might be called a sprite or sylph. If you find this woman inspirational, she’s your muse. If she’s irresistible, she’s a siren. Sprites, sylphs, muses, sirens: these are all categories of spirits. Names of individual spirits permeate language, too. Want to flatter a man? Call him Adonis or an Apollo. If he’s a musician, call him Orpheus. Maybe that beautiful woman isn’t small and lithe; maybe she’s voluptuous or statuesque, Junoesque, in other words. Coming up with these references is no Herculean task; just a little thought and effort and you, too, will be thinking up dozens.


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Encyclopedia of Spirits - Judika Illes