Having studied the amazingly complex subject of world mythology and legend for more than twenty years, I have found few stories more stirring than those of ancient Russia. Regrettably for us, at the end of the twentieth century very few Russian pre-Christian (pagan) beliefs remain. Those that have survived have been Christianized, their pagan roots now long forgotten.
My introduction to Russian legend was the story of the witch Baba-Yaga, told me by someone whose identity I have since forgotten. Many years later, as I began to research world mythology and legend, Baba-Yaga resurfaced as I delved into the mysteries and delights of ancient Russian and Slavic folklore. This book is a general guide to the myths and legends of the Russian Empire at its
greatest extent, along with those of countries and peoples that can be broadly defined as Slavic or that have influenced and been influenced by Slavic cultures.


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Encyclopedia of Russian and Slavic Myth and Legend - Mike Dixon-Kennedy