Claude Lecouteux’s Encyclopedia of Norse and Germanic Folklore, Mythology, and Magic offers a stimulating and fascinating overview of its vast subject matter, which is drawn from the ancient and medieval cultures of Europe, England, and Scandinavia. While this is not the only reference handbook available in English that deals with Norse mythological material, it truly distinguishes itself with the veritable wealth of Germanic folkloric and legendary material that appears here much of it previously inaccessible to English readers. We have endeavored to faithfully reproduce various original names and terms in keeping with the traditional orthography (spelling) from languages such as Old Norse, Old English, and modern Icelandic. Two letters that may be unfamiliar to some readers are those known as “eth” (Ð/ð) and “thorn” (Þ/þ), which represent the sound that is reproduced as /th/ in modern texts (the character “eth” corresponds to the voiced /th/ sound, as in the English word “that,” while “thorn” corresponds to the unvoiced /th/ sound, as in the English word “thin”). Entry names that begin with the letter Þ appear in the T section, alphabetized as if they begin with “Th.”


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