The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils is divided into two parts: Part I is a general introduction to aromatics, showing their changing role throughout history, from the ritual part they played in ancient civilizations, through medieval alchemy, to their modern-day applications in aromatherapy, herbalism and perfumery. Part II is a systematic survey of over 160 essential oils shown in alphabetical order according to the common name of the plants from which they are derived. Detailed information on each oil includes its botanical origins, herbal/folk tradition, odour characteristics, principal constituents and safety data, as well as its home and commercial uses. This book can be approached in several ways: 1. It can be employed as a concise reference guide to a wide range of aromatic plants and oils, in the same way as a traditional herbal. 2. It can be used a self-help manual, showing how to use aromatherapy oils at home for the treatment of common complaints and to promote well-being. 3. It can be read from cover to cover as a comprehensive textbook on essential oils, shown in all their different aspects.


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Encyclopedia of Essential Oils - Julia Lawless