In the past few years the value and worth of crystals have dramatically increased. This is due in no small part to the recent discovery by man ypeople that crystals can be used for a variety of spiritual and magical purposes. Modem science has shown that crystals are of great value, and everything from telecommunications to watches makes use of them. The main spiritual use of crystals is as a psychic energy generator and director. The energies thus raised and directed are most commonly used for healing and psychic grounding. But what is little known is that crystals, gemstones and metals have their own inherent powers and abilities just waiting to be used! The secrets of these powers have been hidden in rare and unusual books. In the following pages Scott Cunningham reveals these secrets along with the results ofhis own personal research in order to present the most comprehensive book on the magical properties of crystals, gems and metals ever.


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Encyclopedia of Crystal Gem and Metal Magic - Scott Cunningham