The history of Egypt provides an overall view of the nation in good times and in bad. The entries on religion, social development, temples, the military, and art, among others, give details about specific eras and accomplishments, but the haunting beauty of the Egyptians themselves can be found especially in the biographical entries on royal and common individuals who spent their lives serving the land and the spiritual heritage of the Nile Valley. These individuals lived and died, laughed and cried thousands of years ago, but they would prosper if transplanted into the modern world. They possessed a profound sense of cooperation in labors, of appreciation for the beauty of their homeland, and a unique awareness of the “other,” the presence of the spiritual aspects of human existence on the Nile. The hours spent researching the ancient Egyptians have expanded my own horizons, and I am grateful for the experience. **100's of maps and illustrations


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Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt - Bunson