The sciences known as " occult " may with every reason be regarded as the culture-grounds of the science of today. As everyone knows, alchemy was the forerunner of chemistry, astrology the direct ancestor of astronomy, and magnetism of hypnotism. But these subjects and their kindred arts have another claim upon our attention and interest, for in heir evolution we can trace many of the beginnings of philosophic and ethical processes, the recovery of which renders their examination and study as important to the whole understanding of the history of man as that of theology or the new mythology. A generation ago it was the fashion to sneer at the occult sciences. But today, men of science in the foremost files of thought have placed them on the dissecting slab as fit subjects for careful examination. The result of their analysis during the past twenty years, if it has not permitted us to pierce the veil which divides man and the " supernatural," has, at all events, served to purge our sight sufficiently to enable us to see things on this side of it with a clearer vision, and to regard such researches with a more tolerant eye than hitherto. For example the fact of ghostly appearances is proven, whatever may be their nature, hallucinatory or otherwise, gold has been manufactured, if in small quantities, the theory of thought transference is justified, and hypnotism is utilised in ordinary medical practice. **483 pgs fully illustrated.


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Encyclopaedia of Occultism 1960