Lovers - Because they’re the strongest driving forces in the human makeup. We dream of them. We hunger for them. Then we set off to search them out. Not just any old love will do, though. We set out to find the love of the century—something timeless and perfect, something that’s able to cross all boundaries and overcome all obstacles— the same sort of something that made Cinderella and Prince Charming so appealing. All we’re looking for is that forever kind of love that makes our hearts pound 90-to-nothing and leaves us weak in the knees. Is that too much to ask? More to the point, does it even exist? Yes! And it’s out there for everyone. The reason we don’t find it, though, is because, unlike the princess, we’re impatient. We’re in a hurry and don’t like to wait. So we talk ourselves into thinking that what we’ve found is the real thing. We settle for second best, and then we wake up one morning only to discover that Prince Charming—that gallant, handsome man who danced all night and rode the white horse—is really just a Frog in disguise. So, what do we do? How do we disentangle ourselves? More important, how do we keep future Frogs from invading our lives and stealing our hearts? This is the book to help you fix that.


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Enchantments of the Heart - Dorothy Morrison