Dragon Rouge is a dark magical order, Dragon Rouge is a Left Hand Path order, Dragon Rouge is an alternative spiritual movement. What does all this mean? Not a lot to those unfamiliar with the field of esotericism, except that negative associations are likely to arise. Alternative spirituality then? Or the Left Hand Path? Again, these terms may not signify anything much to the reader not specifically fluent in the language of alternative religion. I use the term alternative spirituality for modes of religious thought and activity that differ pronouncedly from the forms of traditional religion. In fact, the differences may be so significant that using the word religion to describe the phenomenon might be ill suited. The Left Hand Path is one strand of alternative spirituality and dark magic is a form of Left Hand Path spirituality. The present study focuses on Dragon Rouge and explores the forms and functions of the order. Dragon Rouge was a topic of discussion in the Swedish tabloid press in the mid 1990s, despite its relatively small number of members in comparison to the Swedish national church, and even to more formalized new religious movements. This fact alone motivates a study of the order. This is not, however, the only motivating factor for my research. Recent societal transformations have greatly affected the modes of religious life, and organizations such as Dragon Rouge are an expression of this development.



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