This book is the result of personal explorations which have continued at intervals for several years. The exlorations have been mainly in the state of Wisconsin but have extended into Iowa and parts of Ohio. The effort of tlie author, however, has been to give information about all effigy mounds. He has therefore drawn from descriptions of mounds which have been explored by other parties. These are situated in Dakota, eastern Iowa, Georgia, Florida, as well as in Ohio and Wisconsin. Where the account is taken from other books full credit has been given. The engravings in the book have been mainly prepared from drawings made by the author, and these from the notes of surveys reduced to a scale of inches. A number of them however, have been taken from the works previously published, such as "Ancient Monuments," or "Smithsonian Contributions, Vol. I," Lapham's "Antiquities of Wisconsin," "Smithsonian Reports," "Annual Reports of the Ethnological Bureau," "American Naturalist," "Wisconsin Historical Collections" and "Proceedings of Wisconsin Academy of Science and Art." The engravings are generally silhouettes.


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Emblematic Mounds and Animal Effigies - S D Peet 1890