This is a sacred book, called “Unique” or “Eighth Book of Moses”, concerning the Holy Name. Its content is as follows. Remain pure for 41 days. Have a house on ground level in which no one has died during the past year. The door should face west. Set up an earthen altar in the middle of the house and gather cypress wood, 10 pinecones full of seed, 2 white roosters, uninjured and without blemish, and two lamps, each holding an eighth of a pint, filled with good oil. And don’t pour in any more than the eighth of a pint, for when the god comes, the lamps shall burn more fiercely. Have the table prepared with these following kinds of incense, which are cognate to the Gods.
1- The proper incense of Kronos is styrax, for it is heavy and fragrant
2- Of Zeus: malabathron
3- Of Ares: kostos
4- Of Helios: frankincense
5- Of Aphrodite: Indian nard
6- Of Hermes: cassia
7- Of Selene: myrrh