Who can deny the existence of a Sun, Moon, and Stars; the shining orbs in the Starry concave, or the Planetary influence upon the Phenomena of human life ? There is not a star that shines or a Sun that burns but has expression in its being either active or latent. The Planet, our Earth, is but a single function of the Solar System which stands intimately related and dependent upon other bodies and systems, thus the natural universe is bound together. People generally are in the habit of regarding the revolution of the Earth around the Sun as a mere arrangement for giving light, and are apt to forget the fact that the varying positions produce the changing; of the Seasons. No man has ever attempted to dispute the influence of the sun's rays which he exercises over the vegetable kingdom. Flowers, fruits, etc., which the skilled husbandry well know without the sun's rays would fail to come to perfection. The Sun and Moon control the monstrous Billows on the Sea and the tides, a well know fact. Certain seeds when sown on the increase of the Moon develop quickly into plants and the same seeds sown on its decrease would become almost worthless and seldom thrive. Insane people are more or less affected when the Moon is in its full. Even at the birth of Christ, God placed a star in the east to direct the wise men to the Babe's cradle. Different stages and different human types and qualities are all dependent upon the planetary revolutions. Corresponding effects on character also result from the changing positions of the systems.


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Earthology Humanity Characterized - A Raphael 1901