The more esoteric lore of Zarathushtra, and especially the doctrine of the Amshaspands, remained for centuries within the land of its birth, which was far away from the main stream of history. It only spread westwards when adapted by the Magi, and in the form they gave it. Among the legends of Zarathushtra one is discussed as probably referred to in Virgils Fourth Eclogue. It is then shown that the earliest doctrine of the Amshaspands gives them neither a collective name nor a fixed number ; they are parts of the Divine hypostasis, sharing with Mazdah the name Ahura. Finally I summarise the features of a double counter reformation, as I regard it. First there is the return of the old Iranian polytheism ; then the work of the Magi, which in the Sassanian revival brought Parsism to the form in which we know it today.


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Early Zoroastrianism - J H Moulton 1913