Introductory.—The student who wishes to understand what early Christianity was, must begin by realising two things—first, that the Christianity of the East has never been quite the same as that of the West; and secondly, that the Christianity of the West has undergone many modifications since its introduction. One great turning point—the Reformation—is familiar to all, but in reality the process of change has been continuous; theological teaching has always found itself obliged to adapt the old doctrines to new conceptions .A VERY short preface will suffce for this little sketch of early Christianity. The difficulties of the task are many. First of all readers will in most cases begin with their beliefs already formed. If the subject had been Confucianism, for example, the reader would start with an open mind, and when he laid the book down, would be grateful no doubt for any new information he had acquired. In the present case the author has a less welcome task : he may have to eradicate old ideas as well as implant new ones. Another difficulty is to compress the material into the compass of a small volume. Many points have been omitted altogether. No allusion is made, for example, to the Cosmic aspect of the Logos (Rom. 8:22) Thirdly, our knowledge of the period is stll imperfect.


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Early Christianity - S B Slack 1914