It has been justly said that "if ever there was a manifestation of the Supernatural, it was in the condition of things out of which arose the New Testament. We have only to take up the Epistles of S. Paul, and we find him surrounded, penetrated, permeated with the Supernatural. It is as it were the very atmosphere which he breathes. He does not assert it, he had no need to assert it.  No thoughtful Christian scholar would be prepared to question this statement. It is, however, generally assumed that as the men who had been personally associated with the Divine Founder of Christianity passed away, open manifestations of the Supernatural became rarer and rarer until they ceased altogether. After the last years of the first century, a date usually given for the death of S. John, the last survivor of the Apostolic band, few, if any, authentic instances of that open manifestation can be adduced. But the story of the rise and progress of Christianity during the 280 years which elapsed between the Ascension morning, in A.D. 33, and the Peace of the Church secured by the famous Edict of Constantino in a.d. 313, may be emphatically looked upon as the story of a period on the whole permeated with the Supernatural.


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Early Christianity and Paganism