After having demolished the systems constructed by the philosophers of antiquity, Paracelsus felt that he owed to humanity a code of his own, which he professed to found upon the Bible. And, first, with respect to the physical ills of man, he thought that he had found in its sublime pages a key to every malady. A novel but fantastic idea! To transform the Holy Scripture into a handbook upon health, and elevate Moses or St. Paul into the place of Aesculapius ! As far, indeed, as those general laws of sobriety and cleanliness are concerned, which so largely influence the health of man, the Bible sets them forth in clear and emphatic language. But Paracelsus soared above so simple and obvious an application. According to this whimsical theorist, the whole of the Old Testament was not endowed with equal powers of healing. The most salutary and efficacious portions were the Pentateuch of Moses, who spent so many years in solitude, only to plumb to its depths the sacred art of the transformation of metals ; and the Apocalypse of St. John, who was — as everybody knows — well versed in the occult sciences ; who, the apostle of Hermes as well as the Evangelist, gave a proof of his two-fold mission by issuing, alive and uninjured, from the boiling cauldron of Domitian . The Apocalypse, indeed, is the book whose leaves we must read and re-read, if we would fathom the mysteries of medicinal magic ; and of a truth the theories of Paracelsus are enveloped in an infinitely deeper cloud of obscurity than the revelations of the solitary seer of Patmos. Chapter Titles of this book are William Lilly, The Art of Divination, Omens, Witchcraft, Sorcery, Animal Magnetism and much much more! ***329 pages


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