Norse mythology, legends of giants and elves, trolls, wizards. The tales, poetry and the like were all familiar to me. I had heard many of the stories, and nasty giants, ogres, and elves were all a part of growing up in that time and place which almost seems like a foreign country now. Each culture in the world has its own way of viewing how things are put together, how things relate to one another in time and space, and what the meaning of each event is. Each interprets events through its own history, language, landscape, economic support system, religion, and its social structure. Each fits the individual into a concept of the whole. This is the worldview of a culture. Over a period of time, the tangled Shakespearean web of events within which each culture is enmeshed changes significantly enough that the culture itself is measurably changed, sometimes so much so that the members of the particular culture begin to separate themselves out from their ancestral heritage. Sometimes a change like this comes slowly and easily while at other times being spurred on by plagues, drought or war, but a shift in worldview for any culture is inevitable. This book documents such a shift.


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