There are, besides the products of individual phantasy, those that cannot be ascribed to such phantasy. Also at this place to mention myths and legends as structures of such a kind. We do not know who created them, who first related them. In the sagas and legends folk phantasy finds expression. Freud has already made them, to a certain degree, the objects of his inquiries, and in numerous respects disclosed psychological analogies between them and the results of individual phantasy. Recently another author has followed in his tracks. Riklin has examined into the psychological analogies of the legends of different peoples. The proposed work is an attempt to compare myths with the phenomena of individual psychology, especially with dreams. It will bring out the proof that Freud's teachings, in a wide sense, can be transferred to the psychology of myths, and are even qualified to furnish wholly new grounds for the understanding of the sagas. We dream not only during sleep; there are also waking dreams. In these we transfer ourselves into an artificial situation and form the world and our future according to our wishes. That the same tendency dwells in night dreams will very soon be accepted by us. Many people tend, in a surprising degree, to day dreaming; one sees them thus absorbed.


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Dreams and Myths A Study in Race Psychology - K Abraham 1913