Dreaming has been the source of much interest from the most remote times. Indeed, there is perhaps no subject that has been studied so long and continuously from so many different standpoints. Theologians, metaphysicians, and physicians form a minority of those who have attempted to invade its mystery, and to unravel its nature and essence ; so far, their efforts have been attended with but comparatively little success. Dreams were early relegated to the realm of superstition, and they have not yet been completely rescued from that widespread domain. Primitive races, with their highest cerebral centres as yet imperfectly developed by education, lived necessarily under the dominion of their emotions rather than of their will. When they dreamed of friends and ancestors long since dead, they failed to distinguish between things real and visionary. Hence dreams had for them a real existence, and they were as much, if not more, influenced by them as they were by the events of their daily lives.


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