The dream arises somewhere out of the psyche, and appears as a highly complex and often brilliant and very dramatic structure, which no one in his waking senses could imagine to himself, save after a very laborious and prolonged effort. It would be a somewhat exhausting undertaking to guarantee to supply dreams to a man who dreamt every night. But the tale of the dream is spun spontaneously and without effort. The spontaneity and effortlessness point to the existence of a workshop wherein the tissue of the dream is woven. This part of the psyche is called the unconscious mind. Without much discussion it is possible to understand that the dream is a very intimate product of the human psyche, and that the questions that surround it demand, for their answer, a very intimate kind of investigation. The nature of these problems is not a material one, and therefore not easy to understand. They cannot be looked at through a microscope. They are problems of marginaland unconscious psychology. They are concernedwith the attempt to push out into those shadowy realms that surround consciousness, iu whicha kind of thought and feeling life exists but dimly apparent to the busy man. He may experience their influence in the personal and natural upheavals that they bring about, but he remains unconscious that they are really connected with him, and continues to look at life as it is represented by the dispositions of interest in consciousness.


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Dream Psychology - M Nicholl 1917