One thing that can be found in all left hand path systems is antinomianisra. The word means "against the law" and of course docs not mean any juridical laws Magical antinomianism is breaking a cultural or religious tradition. It is often characterized as a crime against the traditional and the conventional. Breaking the tradition gives freedom to create ones own traditions, conventions and rules according to the magical development. Breaking rules, habits and traditions also release psychic energy. Energy that used to be focused on a habit can now he focused on magical work or other things in life. This change can confront a person with some temporary anxiety which is why so many people avoid it. But the magician uses the breaking of a tradition to focus energy from the unessential to the essential. A magician sees through, becomes aware of and breaks all meaningless Traditions, rules and habits. He or she focuses all energy that were uncontrolled on the magical progression. This is to go against the grain on a deeper level by going against the stream of creation, the right emanations, the magician breaks out the energy that is hidden in every emanation level. This is the mechanics behind the Qliphoth. For every law of creation there is an anti-law. Dark magicians have often ritualized the magical antinomianism.


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