Caution: This Ebook was written as a clear and concise introduction to one of the darkest facet of the left hand path, a path of absolute diablerie and iniquity, the path of Draconian Vampyrism. This Ebook is not for the timid, those easily offended or the faint of heart, nor is it for those in a weak or altered mental state. Draconian Vampyrism is a dangerous path, especially for those with a compromised psychological state. The teachings and path of Draconian Vampyrism will only cause further mental issues to arise in the unstable, or will only make already existing conditions worse. Also DV is a path only for adults, as it encompasses many very adult concepts, which though understood by many youth, are not appropriate or legal. Draconian Vampyrism is a path whereas you’ll actually “experience” the spiritual andmagickal aspects, it is not all smoke and mirrors, “faith,” invisible or imaginary. DraconianVampyrism is more than mere psychodrama; more than just attaining material desires in life,Draconian Vampyrism is life.In this petite and straightforward manuscript, readers will become privy to the general beliefs and some basic workings of Draconian Vampyrism. Readers of Draconian Vampyrism101 will learn a bit about our symbols, seals, magick, religion, philosophy, spirituality and mysticism. Information pertaining to the Ordo Atra Dracon is has been omitted, as that is not infact the topic of this volume.


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Draconian Vampyrism 101 - Lord N