The subject of dreams and auguries received a vast deal of attention in the Roman Empire at the beginning of the Christian Era. In the reign of the Emperor Augustus a law was passed obliging all who had dreamt of anything respecting the State to make it public at once, either by means of a placard ior by the mouth of the public crier. Thus great was the importance attached to dreams by the heathen philosophers of old. How firmly the Prophets of the Jews and the Apostles of Christianity believed in them is known to every Christian who reads his Bible. It must be remarked with regard to dreams of every description, that those not thoroughly complete are regarded as of no account. As it must, moreover, be borne in mind that, in order that those retained in memory shall be good and reliable, they should occur toward daybreak, and certainly after midnight, for up to that point of time, the animal functions of the body are occupied by digestion, and the brain troubled by the vapors of food, is incapable of rational impressions. However, Artemidorus, in his learned treatise, affirms that a man of sober and tranquil habits can be visited by dreams at any hour of the night, and occasionally during the day, prognosticating coming, events with certainty.


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Dr. MacDonald's Astrological Dream Book - J MacDonald 1921