Of whom the father is a virgin saith, Come my well beloved that we may embrace together, and we shall engender a new form which shall not be like to his parents. The king therefore whose head is red, the eyes black and the feet white is the Magistery. The Mother hath not conceived, behold I come to thee, and am most ready to conceive a form, to whom is none like in the world. And he is borne between two mountains, you know the truth. This book is followed according to Hermes Trismegistus, he varieth not from him in any text for that you may know. Although he will not declare his name that all his ground and foundation is Hermes as aforesaid. No chapter of him that is left untouched in this book, wherefore be sure to follow it for there is no surer author nor none like, it varieth not from any that anciently hath written of this Art and he hath spoken more plainly than ever was written of any other, if God give grace that he that readeth it may perceive and understand, to whom be all honour and glory. Amen.


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